How You Can Help

Spread the word
Talk to others about depression/suicide and how it has affected your life, be on the lookout for others that might be suffering (Check some of these warning signs) and tell them you appreciate them being a part of your life, seek professional help where needed.

We have many events throughout the year that we need help with — Contact us about being involved.

Start an event
We encourage others to start other events/activities (small or large) that can help get the word out within YOUR life/circle. Even small events/activities can have an impact on ONE person, and that may be enough to save a life.

Get Training
Getting adequate training could save a life. Here is a link to a wonderful resource of information: http://afsp.org/take-action/get-training/.

Purchase merchandise to help spread the word. Have an idea for a new piece of merch?? Contact us and we’ll work to make it happen for you!

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Embrace LIFE!
Let’s start the conversation regarding depression to prevent future suicide–
You could be the difference in saving a life!