About Us

The LIVIN Foundation

Paul Thomas Hohag, Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Kaitlin Daeges, Board Member – Operations Director 

Jack Zipoy, Board Member – Corporate Partnerships 

Stacy Ramacher, Board Member – Finance Director

Brooke Nault, Board Member


Mailing address:
The LIVIN Foundation
P.O. Box 652
Anoka, MN 55303

Federal Tax ID: 47-3383175

We are a 501c3 non-profit, whose mission is to promote a positive outlook on life, reduce the stigma associated with depression/mental illness, and ultimately prevent suicide through various activities, events, & outreach.

We want #LIVIN to be universally recognized as an inspiring symbol of mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

Values/What do we do?
We provide: Help, Hope, Hugs and are a 100% volunteer organization.

Start the Conversation. Reduce the Stigma. Get Busy #LIVIN

#LIVIN is trademarked and owned by the LIVIN Foundation.